„If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper, and better than our competition, there is no sense doing it and we should employ someone to do the better work for us.” — Henry Ford

is the practice of ordering select business processes to outside companies, which are able to perform them more efficiently. In recent years, outsourcing has become increasingly popular in Poland and the rest of the world due to the obvious advantages of cost savings and improved quality of services. In the era of professional suppliers of specialized services and general access to high-speed Internet, outsourcing is becoming a definite market trend and the way of modem business management.

Benefits of outsourcing
Cost reduction

— specialized outsourcing companies are often able to handle the business process more effectively, reducing company’s costs.
Release of company resources — thanks to outsourcing, the company can focus all resources and attention on the core business, which generates profit.
Improved quality — due to standardized operations, specialized outsourcing companies are able to offer a high level of service that would be extremely costly if done by the company.
Access to knowledge — outsourcing companies employ many experts and invest in their continuous training and improvement of competence. As a result the company can benefit from their experience.
Increased flexibility — the company can flexibly adjust the scale of cooperation depending on changes in the scope of activities, thus better controlling the level of costs incurred.

Complex outsourcing
The scope of our operations includes the conduct of all administrative activities, as well as representation and full responsibility for the range of activities carried out.

Selective outsourcing
It’s based on a partial transfer of responsibility over some administrative areas to Equity Investments S.A.
· Supervisory outsourcing — control and support of our experts, for employees of the Client’s administrative department
· Cooperative outsourcing — cooperation between the Client’s internal personnel and Equity Investments S.A. employees under defined conditions, with explicit division of duties and responsibilities
· Auxiliary outsourcing — based on modern IT solutions and developed procedures, Equity Investments S.A. provides assistance for implementing simple, time-consuming tasks

Cooperation models may therefore be adapted to the individual needs of the Client, while also engaging the Client’s internal personnel resources.