We continually invest in modern equipment to support us and our Clients.
In our work we use modem ERP systems, workflow and business intelligence.The data of our customers will be stored at one of the most innovative data centers in Poland, which meets the hi-ghest intemational safety work continuity standards. Our strategy has been recognized and we were awarded the prestigious title of National Leader of Innovation and Development, as the only company in our industry.

We share with our clients SaaS System:
· Software ERP enova
· Software workflow
· Business Intelligence Platform

As a standard service, we provide our Clients with:
· Free access to a specialized workflow application (encrypted www interfa.ce)
· Free sets of bar codes to label documents submitted for their subsequent quick identification and verification
· The possibility of sending scanned documents on a regular basis through a modern workflow system integrated with most scanners available on the market
· Free operational training of the workflow system
· Free access to Manager’s Desktop, business intelligence system, rapports on-line