Differences in paid pensions

The Social Insurance Institution has paid the first pensions to those who have earned them as a result of their lower age, up to 60 years for women and 65 for men. Among the 42, 4 ths. 55% were female. The average benefit for women is PLN 1 540 and for men is PLN 2,800, which means that the difference between the money that women and men receive is up to PLN 1 260.

It should be noted that even saving from OFE at high return rates does not guarantee a high pension. The government estimates that in the first year of the new legislation the average pension will be reduced by PLN 175. By 2027 the average pension will decrease by almost PLN 1 000. The average pension will fall by more than a thousand zlotys only in 2030. The government has examined the decline in pensions over a 20-year period. By 2037 the average pension will be reduced by PLN 1 624.

Poles realize that early retirement means in many cases a starvation time. According to IRG SGH, 76% Poles believe that the amount of future retirement will not provide them with an adequate standard of living.